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The Company

GETMAZ  General Business PLC is privately owned company established at December 7, 2007. It is currently registered with the ministry of trade issued proc. No 671/1997 and registration No 13/1997.

GETMAZ is one of the largest import and export companies in Ethiopia which was established in December 7, 2007. The company endeavors to merge quality and affordability in the products and services it renders. 

GETMAZ is also establishing a finished pharmaceuticals manufacturing unit that will have beta lactum lines in the first phase; while in the second phase, it will incorporate tablets, small volume parenteral, and oral liquids. The factory will play a valuable role in alleviating the shortage of finished pharmaceuticals in Ethiopia.


GETMAZ has been constantly growing since its establishment in terms of its market share and recognition in the sectors the company is involved in.  


  • Finished Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Supplies
  • Medical Equipment 
  • Chemical Regents


  • Livestock
  • Pepper and Spices
  • Minerals
  • Meat
  • Coffee
  • Cereals
  • Oil Seeds
  • Pulses

Message from the CEO

It has been only 12 years since GETMAZ has been established but it has been a powerhouse in Ethiopia’s business sector.

GETMAZ main reason for success is its virtues that it stand for; been customer focused and having the integrity only to do the right. This has enabled GETMAZ not only to build so many partnerships but also partnerships and reputations that last.
The other thing that makes this company excel is that, it always thinks out of the box, it is willing to try different innovative strategies to succeed in this day’s highly competitive market. This also has attracted creative work force to the company.
GETMAZ have also gotten into 2 new sectors. The pharmaceutical manufacturing and the agriculture sectors. This company using the experience and knowledge it has gotten from previous success stories, will most definitely succeed in these sectors too.”

Bisrat Getahun., GETMAZ CEO

We Always Serve you Better Everyday

our Vision

To be one of the top 5 recognized and reliable finished pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers of finished pharmaceutical and agricultural products.

Our Mission

To provide a wide range of par excellence healthcare and agricultural products to the Ethiopian and international market.

Our Objective

To be recognized and appreciated for quality of the products and services it delivers.

What We Offer

Finished Pharmaceuticals

We import finished pharmaceuticals to the Ethiopian market.

Oil Seeds

We export major oilseed crops like sesame, soybean and niger seed worldwide.

Medical Equipments

We provide our clients with the most effective medical device possible in a highly efficient manner.